About us

To be the first choice for the Middle East business community in our consulting services through providing Distinguished Consulting Services utilizing Local Experience with Global Quality.

  • To build a long-term partnership with our valued customers.
  • To hybridize advanced international practices with the regionís working environment.

To create innovative ways of aligning an enterpriseís strategic vision with its working mechanism. To conduct ongoing research and development.

Office Overview

Qassab Consulting Office (QCO) is a professional firm that specializes in strategic consulting and advisory services for local companies and international corporations planning to operate in the Middle East region.


Qassab Consulting Office comprises a number of skilled practitioners who have gained, throughout many years of experience, practical experience in the financial services in corporate and government sectors, a thorough understanding of the substantive issues relevant to opportunities development, business strategic setting, business development planning and measuring, strategic financial structure and setup, knowledge and culture acquiring, retaining and developing.
This unique combination of detailed knowledge of what we call A to Z business and outstanding professional's competence brings together a wealth of creative power to address and workout the challenges facing firms, large or small across the region.


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